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Bail: $3,000.00


AKA – “Marvelous Marvin”


Crime: Forecasting The Weather Without A License

Marvin Boone aka “Marvelous Marvin” has been charged with Forecasting the weather without a license!

Marvin has been known to say partly cloudy when it’s partly sunny. He makes up temperatures and uses non meteorological terms like, “Frost on my pumpkin” and “Cold as a well diggers wallet.” And he doesn’t seem to care that he’s always wrong!!

Bio: Marvelous Marvin began his broadcasting career 40 years ago at WGUL in New Port Richey and has been fired from many of Tampa Bay’s top radio stations including Mix 96, WFLA and Q105. He is the morning show host on HITS 106 WGHR-FM…for now!

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