Meet Aurelia!




Aurelia is a sweet 4-year-old with a diagnosis of metachromatic leukodystrophy, an inherited genetic disease which damages the nervous system. She is unable to walk and has had a bone marrow transplant. She needs an adaptive tricycle because she spends a majority of the time being transported in her adaptive stroller. She can’t steer or drive her stroller, however, she can pedal and assist with the steering of an adaptive tricycle. 

Aurelia lights up a room when she is in it! She enjoys various activities including going to the park and feeding the ducks.  She enjoys listening to all types of music and her favorite singer is Taylor Swift. On occasion, her family takes her to her favorite restaurant-the Olive Garden.  She loves the Alfredo!  

Aurelia looks forward to using her new Adaptive Tricycle at the park! Please help her by donating now! This will improve her quality of life!




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