Meet Alexander!


Meet 15-year-old Alexander. He has more severe challenges than even other disabled children. Alexander has stage 5 chronic kidney disease. He is also blind and deaf. He is cognitively underdeveloped and unable to speak. Furthermore, Alexander cannot walk, but he can crawl on the floor or be pushed in a wheelchair. Alexander’s sufferings are outweighed by his saviors.

Alexander lived with two foster parents who took wonderful care of the disabled boy. They realized that parting with Alexander was impossible; they loved him. The foster parents adopted Alexander and became his mom and dad. They became a family. The parents do everything to make Alexander happy. He throws things on the floor and laughs when dad picks them up. Dad doesn’t mind, because he laughs, too. They spend hot days swimming in the pool. Most of all, Alexander expresses his feelings by holding hands with mom and dad. In truth, this family holds on to each other.

Alexander needs an adaptive stroller to provide more comfortable and safer mobility. Please be his sponsor!

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