Meet Damie!


Damie Best Pic



Meet Damie! This 10-year-old boy was diagnosed with several conditions, including Anthrogryposis and hypotonia. He is unable to walk without assistance. Most of the time, he uses a motorized wheelchair for mobility. Damie remains a very positive child even with his limitations.

Damie, who loves to have fun, has many favorite activities. He enjoys busting a few moves to upbeat music, especially when he hears songs by 21 Pilots. Damie is also a very artistic child. He will spend time carefully drawing colorful characters. Sometimes he likes to relax and play video games. In fact, he would like to design games as a career. More importantly, Damie is outgoing and loves talking with new people. Girls adore Damie, too. They write him letters and he loves the attention. He is irresistible!

Damie needs a roll-in shower. This will help him more easily and safely bathe, but he needs your help.  Please sponsor him soon!




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