Meet Eric!

Eric S. pic family



Meet 14-year-old Eric. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and his life has recently been very difficult. This year he had hip surgery, a collapsed lung, and pneumonia. Spending so much time in a bed also caused severely contracted stage 3 pressure sores. Many people would not cope well with such catastrophes in a short time, but Eric remains very positive. 

Eric is described as a super sweet kid. He is very affectionate and enjoys cuddling. During social gatherings, he is quite a ham. His family cannot help but laugh at his antics. Eric is also a flirt with the ladies. They don’t mind either, because he was given an award for being the biggest flirt. Don’t look any further to find a miracle. Eric has suffered more in a few months than some people do in a lifetime. Yet, Eric has a special way to make other people feel good.

Eric needs an adaptive stroller to get around town. He has a wheelchair that is too large for his mom’s car. She has to carry him into appointments with doctors and therapists. Please help Eric and his mom by donating soon!

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