Meet Itzamaris!


Meet 12-year-old Itzamaris. This little gem was diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She has bravely endured seven surgeries. She is unable to walk and perform many other tasks, but this does not prevent her from being a high-spirited girl.


Itzamaris has a sweet and strong personality. She has a soft heart for furry animals; she wants  to hug and kiss every cuddly critter within her reach. She is also very inquisitive and full of intelligent questions. Give her an answer and the reward will be her sparkling smile.  Itzamaris might even be on television someday. Her dream is to be in a photo with her favorite celebrity, Ellen Degeneres. Don’t be surprised if the charming girl becomes a guest on the hit show. To those who know her, however, Itzamaris is already a star  


Itzamaris needs a vehicle lift to use with her heavy  motorized wheelchair. Please be a sponsor so she can maintain doctor’s appointments and also have fun on family outings.

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