Meet Jesus!



Meet six-year-old Jesus. He was diagnosed with Microcephaly, developmental delay and epilepsy. He is nonverbal. Jesus also cannot walk or crawl. Furthermore, he eats using a tube. The challenges do not hinder his happiness.


Jesus is always ready to begin the day with his favorite activities. He likes watching cartoons, especially a show called “El Chavo.” Jesus spends time reading a collection of children’s Bible stories. He also works hard during an exercise called tummy time. He lays on a large ball while a therapist stretches his arms and legs. Most of all, Jesus is delighted with   music. During music class, Jesus holds instruments while swinging his arms. He creates a variety of unique sounds! He inherits this talent from a musical family. His uncle fingers the guitar and his grandfather plays the accordion. Jesus can sit for hours listening to his family’s merry melodies. In fact, He ends his day by falling asleep to classical composers, such as Mozart. Jesus arises the next morning in his usual fashion. He wakes up at 4 a.m. laughing. Jesus brightens the world before sunrise.




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