Meet Kiara!



Meet 13-year-old Kiara. She was still in the womb when doctors discovered a tumor on her brain; her parents were told their child would not survive the birth. The fragile girl defied the odds, but she was diagnosed with epilepsy and many other challenges. Kiara is cognitively underdeveloped. She is unable to speak. She also depends on care givers for everyday tasks, such as sitting and eating. Kiara continues fighting by finding ways to be happy.


Kiara enjoys anything that creates noise. She and her grandma will listen to music. Kiara bobs her head and taps her arms in time with upbeat songs; her happy dance makes grandma smile. Kiara also has a collection of books and toys which produce various sounds. Her interests are not limited to toys and music. Kiara watches television, and her favorite show is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She has found pleasure among unimaginable trials. Meet Kiara and find a miracle.


Kiara needs a specialized lift which will carry her out of a wheelchair and place her into the family car. She needs the equipment to attend doctor’s appointments. Please be a generous sponsor to help her stay healthy and happy!

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