Meet Riley!



Meet 15-year-old Riley. He has many severe diagnoses, including cerebral palsy. Riley’s cognitive acuity is equivalent to an infant. He is almost completely blind. He is also nonverbal. Furthermore, he cannot walk. Riley has more than enough motives to be sad, but he only needs two reasons to be happy.


Riley’s mom and dad are his saviors. They are determined that his disability does not affect his childhood. They take him to music therapy, where he listens to many of his favorites such as jazz. Riley has also learned to enjoy more contemporary music, including Taylor Swift. His other preferred activity is listening to a good story. Mom plays audio books for Riley; he never gets bored hearing Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Riley spends hot summer days in the pool with his dad, who encourages his son to exercise. The disabled boy attempts to kick his legs.  The effort is strenuous, but he does his best to swim and stay healthy. Riley also loves food. He cannot eat solids, so mom and dad puree all his favorites. His must-have-meals are apple-cinnamon oatmeal or sweet potatoes with honey. Most of all, Riley thrives on human interaction. He adores being hugged and holding hands with his family. He truly is a sparkle in the eyes of mom and dad. His mom once said, “He is so handsome!”


Riley needs an adaptive stroller as an alternative to his wheelchair. The stroller will give him access to places that are impossible for a bulky wheelchair. Please be a sponsor for him soon!  



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