Meet Samuel!



Meet 16-year-old Samuel. He was born premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy and several more illnesses. He has little muscle control. Samuel cannot walk or sit upright. He is also nonverbal. Furthermore, the challenged child cannot focus on objects because of blindness. These insurmountable trials would frustrate most adults, but this teenage boy has an unsurpassed inner strength.


Samuel is not capable of having interests to divert him from his struggles. He may not need distractions.  Mom describes the boy as very tranquil; he spends most of the day smiling. He enjoys, however, when his mom speaks to him while looking into his eyes.  Samuel’s mom believes that he has a powerful way of looking back and reaching into her heart. Samuel is her quiet angel.


Samuel needs a ramp to make his home accessible. Please be a sponsor for him soon!

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