Meet 12-year-old Adrian.   He was diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy. The illness has created numerous challenges. He had seizures beginning at three years old and endured a hard surgery to remove the left side of his brain. Adrian is nonverbal. He is also confined to a wheelchair. This young boy keeps going despite his ordeals.


Adrian has numerous interests. He is a fan of The Rock’s character Maui in the hit film Moana. Adrian listens to upbeat contemporary Christian music. He enjoys outdoor pastimes, especially swimming or bouncing on his trampoline. Adrian adores his best friend most of all—she is a sweet pit bull named Lila. Adrian, more importantly, is a great kid. He has a flirty and mischievous personality. He is described as a resilient and brave superhero. Unlike these fictional characters, Adrian is super real. He is our hero.


Adrian needs a ramp for his trailer home which has steps. The ramp will make it possible for him to enter and leave safely. Please be his sponsor!