Meet Amaia!


Meet nine-year-old Amaia. She was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder known as Rett syndrome. She endures multiple frightening seizures a day. Amaia has low muscle tone and cannot walk. She is completely dependent on her family for everyday living skills. Amaia, despite these and other obstacles, is a very cheerful girl.


Amaia has numerous interests. She watches Disney movies featuring beautiful princesses. She listens to upbeat music but she never gets tired of hearing Frozen’s “Let It Go.” Amaia loves visiting splash parks and beaches.  She likes any place that has water—simply taking a bath makes her grin! Amaia is best defined by her personality. Amaia is highly intelligent even though she struggles communicating her thoughts. She endures a lot and has learned to be patient. She is always smiling as if each new day is the best day ever. For us, Amaia provides the best inspiration ever!


Amaia needs a Convaid Rodeo stroller to provide easier transportation and more comfort. Please be her sponsor!