Meet Colin!



Meet four-year-old Colin. He was diagnosed with a neurogenetic disorder known as Angelman syndrome. Colin is cognitively challenged and nonverbal, but he is learning how to communicate using adaptive technology. He is also discovering how to crawl and can stand with assistance. Colin is not hindered by his hamperings.


Colin is a fun boy. He enjoys the weightless feeling of water and splashing his nearby victims. He listens to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and bounces up and down to the rhythm. Colin excitedly plays with toys with lights and sounds. Colin is also very mischievous. He likes doing naughty things and getting caught. He then has an impish grin as if to say, “I can get away with anything because I’m just THAT cute!” He doesn’t merely try and steal a cookie. Colin can steal your heart, too.


Colin needs a therapy tricycle to improve his overall leg strength and stamina. The trike will also be a great way for him to have fun, and maybe even a little mischief! Please be his sponsor.

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