Meet Dante!



Meet six-year-old Dante. He was celebrating his first birthday when a tragic accident caused him to nearly drown. The result was severe brain injury. He is nonverbal and cognitively equivalent to an infant. Dante has underdeveloped motor and trunk control. He also cannot walk. Furthermore, he uses a trach to assist breathing. Dante, despite his tragedies, remains unaffected at heart.


Dante is best described as peaceful. He likes music and cartoons, but nothing that is too loud. He also prefers being at home with his loving mom. Dante’s favorite activity is cuddling. He feels secure and content in the arms of his family. Dante’s tragedy threw his life into chaos, but he found his peace. The world would be a better place if we followed his example.


Dante needs a specialized bath chair that will make bathing safer and more comfortable. Currently, taking a bath is dangerous because of his trach and severe scoliosis. The new equipment will improve his quality of life. Please be his sponsor!    

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