Meet Eian!



Meet four-year-old Eian. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and endures many challenges. Eian is cognitively equivalent to an infant, and as a result he is nonverbal. He is unable to walk, but the problem-solving boy learned how to move around the house by rolling on the floor. Recently, Eian had a hip surgery which lasted for several hours. Eian has gone through a lot in his short years, but he is high spirited even during his trials.


Eian wears his big heart on little sleeves. He wiggles his head and shakes his legs whenever hearing a favorite song. Eian likes playing ball, but he giggles at throwing anything across the room. The sweet boy is also as loveable as a newborn puppy. He adores giving his mom—and everybody else–hugs, cuddles, and endless kisses. Meet Eian. He isn’t hard to find. Just follow his trail of uplifted friends. After all, he never meets strangers.


Eian needs an adaptive stroller for easier transportation around town. Please be his sponsor!

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