Meet Ryan!



Meet 14-year-old Ryan. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He has little movement and is confined to a wheelchair. He manages to be strong despite his hardships.


Ryan has numerous interests. He is a fan of the recent hit movie Top Gun Maverick. He listens to country music. Ryan watches football and his favorite team is Penn State. He is a gamer who cannot get enough of the super-popular Minecraft. Ryan also attends school—his favorite part is performing science experiments. He has more interests, but they do not describe his true personality. Ryan shows amazing resilience. He spent most of his childhood in hospitals and doctor’s offices and always bounces back with a smile. He is stubborn and determined to accomplish things his own way. One thing comes easy for Ryan. He knows how to work his way into our hearts like a brave champion.


Ryan needed a standing device for his powerchair. He was previously using an old, broken-down chair that did not fit and provide proper support. Insurance will be providing the new chair, but not the standing device which will help Ryan to improve his leg strength and ability to stand. Thanks to a grant through Frankino, we were able to help Ryan obtain the standing device he needed for his power wheelchair!