Meet Aaditri!



Meet three-year-old Aaditri. She was diagnosed with many difficult illnesses, including cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, and seizure disorder. She cannot walk or stand without assistance. Aaditri has a myriad of other struggles, but she remains a precious and joyful girl. 


Aaditri has several interests. She is a huge fan of the YouTube sensation Mrs. Rachel. Aaditri’s favorite toy is her soft and cuddly Squishmallow. She is also an outdoor girl. She wakes up in the morning and is instantly on the go, ready to take on the world! Aaditri is best known for her iron will. She is determined to accomplish her goals, and nothing prevents her from succeeding. Aaditri is an adorable little girl who has a big personality. She exemplifies courage and inspires us all. 


Aaditri needed a manual wheelchair to provide her with better postural support while giving her independent mobility. Thanks to a sponsorship through Alamo Kiwanis, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help assist Aaditri in obtaining the Wheelchair she needed!