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Although our name may be Wheelchairs 4 Kids, our plan involves so much more than providing wheelchairs for America’s disabled children.  Our goal is to give every child with mobility challenges the best opportunity to live life at its’ fullest.  To give them full access, if you will!

The need for a charity such as Wheelchairs 4 Kids became apparent to many key players in the development of this organization as they worked with various children’s charities.  It was not uncommon to meet a child in a wheelchair that was too small for them or that was in such disrepair that duct tape was required to hold it together.

Many children with degenerative diseases lose more and more of their motor skills requiring new wheelchairs that will allow them as much freedom and comfort as possible.   They also require other adaptive devices that will allow them the freedom to get out in the world or even just around their homes.   Wheelchairs 4 Kids will help them by providing not only well fitted, well equipped wheelchairs, but also assist with ramps, wheelchair lifts, home modifications and hopefully in the future, playgrounds and what we like to call “Wheely Fun Days”!

Our vision is to become one of the most recognized and respected charities in America.  To do this we know that we must use donated dollars and gifts wisely.  It is important to garner the trust of the American public.  Our promise to you is that we will be fiscally responsible with donated dollars and will provide our financials on this website (as soon as we have them!).

We recognize that we are taking on a huge task, but our experience has taught us that America is the most giving country in the world and we believe that together we can make it happen.  We know we can’t do it alone and we hope that you will share our vision and will get involved.



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