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Wheelchairs 4 Kids was founded in 2011 with one goal in mind – to give physically disabled children and youth a better quality of life.

While working for other children’s charities, it became apparent to our founders, Lonnie and Madeline Robinson, that the need for an organization like Wheelchairs 4 Kids was great. Often times, they would meet children in wheelchairs and mobility aids that were in such disrepair that they were held together by nothing more than duct tape, or were too ill-fitting to be beneficial to the child. It was also common to hear stories of necessary medical equipment or therapy aids being denied by insurance for varying reasons.

Filling that gap was and continues to be the mission of Wheelchairs 4 Kids.

What started as a one-person show out of our founders’ spare bedroom has grown into a national charity with hometown charm that proves that a small group of dedicated people can make a positive difference in the world at large. By using funds secured from a child’s local community, we are able to support our dedication to improving the lives of children with physical disabilities by providing medical equipment, home and vehicle modifications, and – of course – wheelchairs!

Wheelchairs 4 Kids now proudly offers three programs to assist families in need. All of these programs serve our community at no charge to our Wheel Kid families.

Our flagship program, Let’s Roll, assists with acquiring medical equipment, as well as home and vehicle modifications, that may otherwise be out of financial reach.

Additionally, we have our Facilities and Equipment program. Through this program, we donate gently used items from our inventory to facilities where they can be used to benefit multiple children.

We also have an inclusion program, known as Wheely Fun Days, which fosters community among our Wheel Kids. Once a family’s Let’s Roll request has been fulfilled, they are invited to join us for fun, confidence-building, extraordinary experiences, all at no cost to them and all adapted to be barrier-free for our Wheel Kids.

We’re able to fund these programs through grants, community partnerships, and donations from caring community members like you! Our Guardians of the Wheel Kids Club is also available for supporters wishing to set up a recurring monthly donation. 

Thank you for helping us help over 1300 children since inception. We’re looking forward to what the future will hold and are grateful for the dedication and support that we have received since opening our doors.

Please feel free to check us out on social media or email info@wheelchairs4kids.org for more information!

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