Q:  What are the eligibility requirements for Wheelchairs 4 Kids?

A:  The child must be under the age of 21 and have a member of their medical team verify their medical condition and mobility  needs.  We understand that children grow and mobility needs change faster than Medicaid and other insurers allow for replacements.  We also recognize that certain equipment, adaptive devices or modifications may not be covered and that co-pays may be higher than a family can afford.  Every situation is unique and it is our goal to work together with the family to ensure that the best solution is reached.  If covered by Medicaid or another insurer, we do request that proof of denial accompany the application.

Q:  What kind of mobility devices and equipment do you offer?

A:  We provide wheelchairs,  gait trainers, therapy trikes, hoyer lifts, bathing solutions, vehicle modifications (contingent on the type of vehicle) and some home modifications providing the family owns the home.

Q.  Who can nominate a child?

A.  Just about anyone!  Parents, relatives, teachers, therapists, social workers, medical personnel, etc.  If you know of a child that may benefit from our services, please visit the refer a child page and send us the information.  You must be able to provide accurate contact information for the parents or guardian.

Q.  Does the family have to pay a fee for your services?

A. No.  The families are never charged for our programs.

Q.  How do you pay for your programs?

A.  We rely on the kindness of people like you!  All of our programs are made possible by donors just like you.  Other major sources of financial support comes from grants, fundraisers,  businesses, schools, corporations and civic organizations.  We hope that you will consider our mission worthy of your support and our kids deserving of your donation.  You can help in other ways too; tell your friends, include us as one of your charities of choice on your facebook page, volunteer, become a neighborhood captain.  There are tons of ways that you can give a child the freedom to roam.  Please visit our Get Involved page and get involved!