Meet five-year-old Adalyn. She was sadly born with brain malformations known as lissencephaly and schizencephaly. She spent four months in intensive care. Adalyn currently has mobility and vision issues. Doctors once said this little girl would not survive passed the age of three. Adalyn proved them all wrong.  


Adalyn likes many activities for a fun childhood. Her favorite movie is Disney’s Encanto. She also listens to Disney soundtracks and pop music. Her favorite book is The Gingerbread Man. Adalyn, most of all, cannot wait to visit a swimming pool or a water park. She feels wonderful floating and weightless. Adalyn, more importantly, makes everybody smile with her kind demeanor and spunky attitude. She has been a determined fighter since day one, and every day since she lives up to her name. Adalyn defines noble.


Adalyn received a Theraquatic pool float to keep her in an upright position while being in water. This is important for safety reasons, including preventing her trach from being submerged. Special thanks to her sponsor Michael Poppa for his generous donation. Addy will now get to enjoy safely swimming to her heart’s content!