Meet Aiden!

Meet five-year-old Aiden. He was diagnosed with a difficult form of epilepsy known as Lennox Gastaut syndrome. Sadly, this little boy suffers from a variety of seizures daily. He cannot walk and is fully dependent on his parents for everyday tasks. Aiden is cheerful despite his tough illness.


Aiden has a variety of interests. He likes watching the shows Cocomelon and Paw Patrol. His favorite film is the adorable Finding Nemo. Aiden enjoys swimming at the beach or a pool, but his most unique favorite locales are pumpkin patches. He has other ways to have fun, but he adores cuddles most of all. Aiden is a kind and gentle boy. He has a condition that slows down his body, but his heart loves unconditionally.


Aiden received a brand-new shower for easier and safer bathing. Many thanks to the Spartan General Contractors for doing such an amazing job, and to the Shirakiku foundation for being his sponsor! His mom said how he now loves to spend time in the shower and couldn’t be more thankful to have helped them have the “bathroom of their dreams.”