Meet Ailis!



Meet seven-year-old Ailis. She was born a healthy girl and then began experiencing seizures that hospitalized her dozens of times. She was eventually diagnosed with numerous conditions, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Ailis falls easily because of an unsteady gait and diminished eyesight. Ailis is a joyful girl despite these and other trials.


Ailis has various interests. She watches The Weather Channel and Teletubbies. She listens to songs from Sesame Street. Ailis enjoys children’s books, especially if they look tasty and she tries to eat them! She visits a nearby playground daily. She also rides horses each week as therapy. Most importantly, Ailis has an iron will. She has endured much and always bounces back. She frequently falls and gets up to keep moving forward. She impresses everyone with her physical strength, too. Clearly, a handful of illnesses do not match her heart full of determination.


Ailis needed an adaptive tricycle to improve her overall leg strength and balance. She will also have a great time riding her trike outdoors. Thanks to the help of a few grants through Wawa, Thomas E. Free, and Tony Stewart, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help Ailis obtain the trike she needed!