Meet Alan!


Meet 16-year-old Alan. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has numerous limitations. He uses a power chair and a stander for mobility. Alan is joyous despite his challenges.


Alan has fun in various ways. He can watch soccer all day and his favorite team is Mexico National. He listens to upbeat mariachi music. He enjoys taking trips to Mexico to visit his grandparents. Family is important to Alan, and he especially loves spending time with his cousin. Alan has other interests, but his most important quality is a great personality. He is always smiling. Alan makes friends by chatting with everybody—he certainly never meets a stranger! He also has a lightning-fast wit that can make him the life of a party. Alan brightens up our world with his illuminating spirit and courageous heart!


Alan received a medical stroller to provide easier and safer transportation. His old stroller was too tiny and uncomfortable. Thanks to his generous sponsor, the Sorenson group, he now is able to feel secure and travel much more comfortably!