Meet Amy!



Meet nine-year-old Amy. She was diagnosed with a progressive muscle disorder known as mitochondrial myopathy. Amy was able to walk years ago but now she has poor balance and falls often.  She uses a wheelchair for independent mobility. Amy remains a sweet girl despite her growing challenges.


Amy has several interests. She is a fan of the DogMan series of books. She enjoys swimming in a pool or riding high on swings. Amy also loves spending time with her sister by playing board games. Most of all, Amy has a good heart, despite having limited social interaction. English is her second language and she tends to be quiet, but this does not stop her from being kind to everybody. She is also incredibly happy and frequently flashes a brilliant smile. Her name is appropriate. Amy defines being loved. Meet Amy and you will adore her, too!


Amy received a Leggero medical stroller for school and for safer transportation. Her old stroller is now too small and painful. Special thanks to Mabel & Ellsworth for being her sponsor!