Meet Ana!



Meet three-year-old Ana. She was diagnosed with spina bifida and has endured multiple surgeries since birth. She is unable to walk, but this does not stop her from being happy.


Ana finds ways to have a fun childhood. She loves the show Cocomelon and its great soundtrack. Her favorite movies have beautiful unicorns. In fact, she has a collection of unicorns that could fill a magical zoo! She also has a toy castle that stimulates her imagination for hours. Ana is a wonderful girl, too. She is intelligent and understands everything in her life. Ana is affectionate—she is always saying to her mom, “I love you!” She is even a people magnet. Everyone is simply drawn to her sweetness. Meet darling Ana, and it will be the best day ever!


Ana needed a wheelchair for independent mobility at school. Thanks to a grant through Thomas E. Free, we were able to help Ana obtain the wheelchair that she needed!