Meet Angelina!



Meet 13-year-old Angelina. This young girl was healthy until 2019 when she suddenly became completely paralyzed. There were no signs or symptoms before the paralysis. Angelina was eventually diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, which causes spinal cord inflammation. She has recovered some abilities but is still unable to walk. She remains cheerful despite the hardships.


Angelina has numerous interests. She watches the cool shows Sailor Moon and Gravity Falls. She is a huge fan of the magical Harry Potter books. Her hobbies include drawing anime girls, cooking, and learning about tv production. Angelina likes more activities, but she is best known for her stunning personality. She is fearless and has gone through many surgeries with a joyful outlook. She is a loving girl who does everything possible to cheer up people when they are having a dreadful day. She frequently puts the needs of her friends and family first. Angelina is clearly described best by her name. She defines being an angel.


Angelina needed a power wheelchair to provide her with more independence. Thanks to a grant through Broadrick, we were able to help Angelina obtain the wheelchair she needed!