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Bail: $3,000.00

AKA – “The Ride or Die”

Crime: Standing by Clients, No Matter How Tough the Case

Anna Farrell aka “The Ride or Die” is accused of always having her clients’ back – no matter how tough the case. Allegedly, she works tirelessly to do everything she can to defend her clients and champion their causes. She’s also been known to extend these crimes into her community by serving on the board of multiple associations and charities.

Anna is an attorney with the Law Office of Doran, Beam & Farrell. She grew up in Pasco County and is honored to be able to support Wheelchairs 4 Kids each year. Anna is a Past President of the local Rotary Club and is President Elect of the local Bar Association. She serves on the board of the local free health clinic and is involved in numerous charities in Pasco County.

Please make a donation today to help Anna get out of jail. Ask your friends to donate too. Who knows, maybe they can become an accomplice?! Every donation will make a difference in a special child’s life!