Meet Anthony!



Meet 10-year-old Anthony. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He cannot walk because of his illness. He is able to crawl but becomes tired easily. He uses a wheelchair most of the time. Anthony is super happy despite his trials.


Anthony enjoys a few pastimes. He watches children’s shows, and his favorite character is Elmo on Sesame Street. He listens to nursery rhymes, such as “Wheels on the Bus.” Anthony loves outings where he can take boat rides. Most of all, he is simply a good kid. Anthony is a strong boy who has survived many ordeals and came through smiling. He has a silly sense of humor and makes people laugh with his noises. Anthony is charming and charismatic, too. People see his smile and playfulness, and the end result is instant. They fall in love.


Anthony needs a therapy bicycle to promote better leg strength and overall stamina. He can also have fun riding the bike outdoors. Please be his sponsor!