Meet Aubrey!



Meet five-year-old Aubrey, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. He needs help with everyday tasks. He is also nonverbal. Aubrey has many limitations but being happy is not one of them.


Aubrey enjoys numerous pastimes. His favorite movie is Disney’s Moana. He likes PJ Masks books and shows. He loves watching his sister play soccer on a local team. Aubrey will even try chasing and kicking a ball around the yard. He is a fan of water activities, especially swimming and fishing. Most of all, Aubrey is adorable. He is adept at reading somebody’s mood. He will make eye contact and gently grabs a person’s face if they are sad. He is known to be a party animal. Put on music and start dancing, and Aubrey will copy your every move. The only people who smile more than this sweet boy are those who meet him. He is our inspiration and a little ray of sunshine!


Aubrey needed a car seat to provide better postural support, comfort, and safety. With a partial sponsorship from Brenda and the help of a Grant through Scaife; we were able to help Aubrey obtain the Car seat he needed!