Meet Bettie!


Meet 14-year-old Bettie. She was diagnosed at the age of nine with cerebral palsy. She has other conditions and has endured numerous procedures, including open heart surgery. She is confined to a wheelchair due to balance and coordination challenges. Bettie remains positive despite these and other limitations.


Bettie has numerous interests. Her favorite movies are Descendants and the Harry Potter films. She follows soccer and gymnastics sports. Bettie loves crafting and reading—she has an impressive collection of books. Bettie is a diligent school student who especially enjoys English class. She is defined best by her spirit. She is full of energy and is never without a radiant smile. Bettie is highly intelligent, too. She is also very caring and sensitive towards other people’s needs. In short, this amazing girl is growing up to be a perfect young lady. She is our hero and inspiration.


Bettie needs the ramp on her Vehicle to be repaired. She is going to receive a new heavy motorized wheelchair. The repair is essential to use the car safely. Please be her sponsor!