Meet Brandon!


Meet seven-year-old Brandon. He seemed to be born a healthy baby. Sadly, he became seriously ill at six months old and was hospitalized. Brandon was eventually diagnosed with Leigh Syndrome, a neurometabolic disorder that affects the nervous system. He is progressively losing his strength and abilities. This young boy remains strong despite his illness.


Brandon has numerous interests. He listens to Hispanic music. He enjoys watching shows about cooking Mexican food. He loves playing ball with his friends at school. He also has fun cleaning and using a vacuum. He is clearly a sweet boy. He is polite to everyone and exhibits a kind heart. He never stops smiling, even during the tough times. Brandon knows what is important in life—he is thankful for everything. And we are thankful to meet this inspiring boy!


Brandon received a therapy bike to maintain and improve his overall strength and stamina. He can also have fun riding the bike with his peers. Special thanks to his sponsor Athletes Helping Athletes for allowing Brandon to have this amazing opportunity!