Meet Brycen!

Meet 13-year-old Brycen. He was born with multiple challenges, including cerebral palsy and a heart defect. He has endured numerous spinal and heart surgeries. He has low muscle tone and weakness in both legs. Brycen uses braces and a walker for short distances. Brycen remains strong and positive despite these and other limitations.


Brycen enjoys various pastimes. He likes watching YouTube cooking shows. He listens to soothing music. Brycen has fun going to the beach and seeing boats meandering along the water. Brycen has enough toy boats in his room to fill up a bathtub. He has other interests, but his personality is the best part. Brycen is known to be mischievous and he will do anything for a laugh. He has a curious mind and observes everything. He works hard to walk on his own. He is a loving child, too. Brycen has many struggles, but his heart is perfect in the ways that inspire us all.


Brycen   needs a therapy bicycle to strengthen his legs and make it easier to walk. He can also have a good time riding the bike outdoors. Please be his sponsor!