Meet Brycen



Meet eight-year-old Brycen, who has endured many struggles in his young life. He was born with spina bifida. He was diagnosed with many illnesses, including Hydrocephalus and hip dysplasia. He has suffered through nearly a dozen surgeries and procedures for shunts, rods, infections, and more. Brycen is confined to a manual wheelchair. Brycen can transfer himself in and out of the chair, but he has to be careful to avoid injuries such as broken bones. He has other challenges, but nothing prevents him from being a happy boy.


Brycen has some cool interests. He listens to music with his 15-year-old sister—they are the best of buddies. He is a fan of the Sonic 2 movie. His ideal afternoon would be watching the fun film and eating a pepperoni pizza. Brycen loves playing video games on his Playstation 3. He also enjoys using his iPad. Most importantly, Brycen is a wonderful boy. He adores his family, which includes his sister and a single mom who works hard to care for her two children. Brycen is strong-willed and never gives up on his goals. He is kind to everybody and won an award for being respectful. This young boy is aptly named. Brycen truly defines a noble son.


Brycen will be receiving a stander to promote exercise and better health in his legs. Please be his sponsor!