Meet Camila



Meet 14-year-old Camila. In 2021, this young girl had an accident that caused a traumatic brain injury. She is unable to walk and has limited mobility in her arms. Camila remains positive despite her life-changing event.


Camila enjoys several activities. She really likes musicals such as Teen Beach Movie and Hamilton. She listens to K Pop music, and her favorite group is BTS. Camila is a driven school student who earns exceptional grades. She is also a soccer fan. Camila used to play the popular sport, but now she watches her brother participate on a local team. Camila has more hobbies and interests, but she is defined best by her stunning personality. She has the perfect combination of sassiness and humor. She is as resilient as iron and continues to fight through her challenges with a radiant smile. In certain cultures, the name Camila means noble. This young lady defines noble and is our inspiration.


Camila needed a MyoCycle bike. This unique equipment will stimulate Camila’s legs by using electrodes. The bike will provide her with a fun way to exercise. Thanks to the continued support from Shirakiku and their grant, we were able to help Camila obtain the MyoCycle that she needed!