Meet Cesar!


Meet four-year-old Cesar. He was diagnosed with spina bifida before birth. He spent a month in intensive care shortly after being born. He endured multiple surgeries, including on his spine and head.  He is unable to stand without support. Certain daily tasks, such as dressing, requires assistance. Cesar is an awesome kid despite his ordeals.


Cesar is determined to have a fun childhood. He is a huge fan of Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars. He listens to cool Latin music. He follows the Barcelona soccer team and his favorite player is Messi. He likes playing with his neighbors and cousins. Cesar is a sweet boy, too. He is always concerned for other people. He laughs as often as the sun shines, and maybe even more! Cesar never lets people forget that he loves them. Meet Cesar. He certainly makes a world a better place!


Cesar needs a wheelchair so he can attend school and also be more independent. Thanks to his generous donor, Kelly Brown, No Naked Walls and the Nancy L Brown Memorial Fund, Cesar was presented with a brand-new Ti-Lite twist chair, complete with light-up wheels! Cesar received his new chair at Wheelchairs 4 Kids’ annual Wheely Good Time Event.