Meet Christian!



Meet five-year-old Christian. He was diagnosed with a myriad of challenges, including hypotonia, scoliosis, and motor delay. He requires assistance to crawl, walk, and stand. Christian has other trials, but he is a super happy boy.


Christian has a variety of interests. He watches The Lion’s Guard series on Disney Jr. He likes movies and books about dinosaurs. His favorite animal is the pterodactyl, but that might be too hard to keep as a pet! He is homeschooled and his favorite subject is learning to count. He enjoys outings, everything from playing on the swings at a local park to riding attractions at Universal Studios. Christian, most of all, is a sweet boy. Christian is such a funny kid that he can nearly make people pee in their pants with laughter. He is very smart and tries hard to say the name of his favorite dinosaurs, which is all of them! In today’s world, we have a favorite. And his name is Christian. He is the beam of sunshine that pierces a dark cloud.


Christian needed a suspension walker to improve his independent mobility while also promoting leg strengthening. Thanks to a sponsorship from The Knights of Columbus, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help assist Christian in obtaining the suspension walker that he needed!