Meet Christian!



Meet 12-year-old Christian. He was born with complications and was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair and crutches for mobility whenever going out. However, he prefers walking on his knees while at home as it is often painful and tiring to walk on his feet. Christian always finds ways to be happy despite his obstacles in life.


Christian has a variety of interests. He has a collection of old-school CDs that play upbeat and relaxing music—he will peruse through his discs and find the perfect songs to match his mood. He loves water rides at the Universal theme park. In fact, Christian would live in water if possible—he can spend up to eight hours in his swimming pool in a single day! His favorite periods at school are when he can be with his friends during P.E. and recess playing together on the playground. Christian adores his friends and family. He is a sweet boy who inspires us all through his determination to always be happy and joyful.


Christian needed a new bathtub that would fit his needs. Thanks to the help of Home Depot, who donated a large tub, tiles, and drain, and to FDS Flooring Unlimited for the install, and to the Lightning Community Foundation for their generous sponsorship. Christian will now be able to enjoy his bath time now that he has extra room!