Meet Ciara!



Meet seven-year-old Ciara. She was diagnosed with a genetic brain malformation disorder known as Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia Type 8. She has underdeveloped motor skills and hip dysplasia. She cannot walk or stand. She wiggles on the floor instead of crawling for independent mobility. Ciara remains happy despite her many challenges.


Ciara has numerous interests. Her favorite show is Penguins of Madagascar. She listens to hip-hop music, and her favorite artist is, of course, Ciara! She is a fan of all sports, even golf. Ciara also enjoys pastimes including going to the beach, bowling, and playing hacky sack. Most importantly, Ciara has a spectacular personality. She is very empathetic and cries when other people cry. She is brave and independent and pushes her mom’s hands away to accomplish tasks without help. Meet Ciara. She is the definition of courage, kindness, and cuteness!


Ciara needs a manual wheelchair to provide her with more mobility. She is currently using an activity chair which is not ideal for her quality of life. Please be her sponsor!