Meet Conner!



Meet 12-year-old Conner. This brave boy was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, which causes brittle bones. He has endured multiple surgeries and over 300 breaks. He has relearned many of his abilities due to his fragile nature. Conner is also confined to a wheelchair. He is happy despite these harsh complications.


Conner has a variety of interests. He is a fan of the hit show, Young Sheldon. He watches football and basketball—his favorite player is LeBron James. Conner is a diligent student who excels at math and science. Conner received a Make-A-Wish trip to Hawaii years ago and dreams of someday returning to the beautiful island. This boy is best described, however, by his great personality. Conner never meets a stranger, and he makes friends with an ease of his dashing smile. Most of all, he has an indomitable spirit that pushes him through the toughest times. He is aptly named. Conner truly defines strong willed. His heart is unbreakable.


Conner received a new Ki Mobility Rogue, a manual wheelchair which will provide him with proper support and comfort while giving him independence. Special thanks to his sponsors the Bernard Family Foundation and the Asofsky foundation.