Meet Cora!


Meet seven-year-old Cora. She was diagnosed with a severe form of a seizure disorder known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. She has coordination issues and low muscle tone. Both contribute to Cora having an elevated risk of falling. She necessarily wears a helmet whenever going out in public. Cora has more trials, but she remains a joyful girl.


Cora has a variety of interests. She is a fan of anything relating to the hit Disney film, Frozen. She also listens to children’s educational songs and praise music. She likes spending hot days exercising in swimming pools. She enjoys arts and crafts and shows off her great imagination by sculpting with Playdoh. Cora has more interests, but she is best known as a precious girl. She has the kindest heart towards everybody. She is full of energy and keeping up with her is a fun, full-time endeavor! She is determined to succeed in her goals. Meet Cora. It will be the best meeting of your life.


Cora needs a therapy bicycle to improve her leg strength and coordination. These benefits will help her ability to walk while providing a fun way to exercise. Please be her sponsor!