Meet Daeshawn!



Meet 16-year-old Daeshawn. He was a healthy young man, until last December when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He is slowly losing his abilities, such as walking and keeping up with his friends. He continues moving forward despite his limitations.


Daeshawn has numerous interests. He listens to all types of music and even sings in a church choir. He attends school and loves learning automobile mechanics—he can now change the oil in a car! He is also a superstar athlete in the Special Olympics. To relax at home, Daeshawn plays from a diverse collection of Xbox video games. More importantly, he is a very cool young man. He is honest and reliable. Daeshawn always focuses on the positives even during the worst of times. Meet Daeshawn. Even though he struggles to stand, his indomitable heart makes him stand victorious.


Daeshawn needs a ramp for home. He will be using a wheelchair and the ramp is necessary to safely leave and enter his house. Please be his sponsor!