Meet David!



Meet 15-year-old David. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and born under difficult conditions which caused him to be in intensive care for over 200 days. He was adopted by his very loving and selfless nurse. Sadly, David walked and talked until he had covid. David has more trials, but he remains extraordinary.


David has a wide variety of interests. He loves Shark Week on Discovery, and his favorite film is Jaws. Not surprisingly, David enjoys going deep-sea fishing. He is a fan of classic rock and country music. His other passion is sports, especially baseball. He has a collection of autographs, including an old baseball signed by the iconic Babe Ruth. David has more cool interests, but his personality is the best part. He is described as awesome, resilient, and kindhearted. He is so happy that people in the hospital nicknamed him Smiley. David has a strong faith in God, too. He always ensures people say grace before a meal, even though he is not able to eat. A book full of information can be written about David. His story is yet to be written, however, and each new chapter continues to inspire.


David needs a vehicle lift to use with his motorized wheelchair and make transportation possible. Please be his sponsor!