David “BAXMAN” Baxter

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2023 Wheelchairs 4 Kids Jail & Bail Felon Wanted Poster for David Baxter

Bail Amount:


Wanted for:
“Lifting” Wheelchairs


Wanted: David “Baxman” Baxter

The suspect was seen “lifting” a wheelchair onto a vehicle. It was very obvious as the wheelchair was seen on the back of the vehicle. He is wanted for questioning.

Dave lives in Sarasota, FL with his wife Jeana and two sons, Nathan 19 and Jackson 14. Their older sons completed doctorates and are PA’s in Virginia and Texas. Dave’s an avid golfer and sports fan. He has worked in the “lifting equipment” industry in marketing and product development after receiving his Marketing degree from Fresno State and an MBA from University of Georgia – Go Dogs! Originally from California, Dave lived in Hagerstown, MD prior to the move to Florida nearly 10 years ago.

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