Meet DeMacio!



Meet 12-year-old DeMacio.  Sadly, he had a brain hemorrhage at birth. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, Cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. He endured several procedures throughout his life.  DeMacio cannot walk or stand without assistance.   DeMacio has more tribulations, but he manages to stay positive and happy.


DeMacio enjoys several pastimes. He listens to children’s educational music. He is a strong supporter of the Tampa Bay Bucs team, and his favorite players are Tom Brady and Mike Evans. DeMacio has a great collection of toys that help with his coordination, including super fun and fast remote-control cars. These toys are not the only ones that can move fast. DeMacio is full of energy and always on the go, which often times means being friendly and meeting people. DeMacio definitely disperses delight to everyone!


DeMacio received a therapy bicycle to help improve his coordination. He will also have a great time riding the bike with his friends and family. Special thanks to Elite Insurance Partners for sponsoring DeMacio at their Christmas presentation. DeMacio even got to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus the day of his presentation and received a bag full of presents. DeMacio and his family can now enjoy bike rides together outside!