Meet Demetrius!


Meet 12-year-old Demetrius. He was diagnosed in 2018 with cerebral palsy. He cannot walk but moves around at home by either crawling or using his wheelchair. He is an active boy despite this limitation.


Demetrius enjoys activities that have sounds. His favorite tv show is the Wheel of Fortune—he gets excited by the clicking noise of the spinning wheel. He listens to a variety of children’s music. Demetrius prefers books and toys that also stimulate his sense of hearing. Demetrius likes physical pastimes, too. He loves water parks and anything with swimming pools. He works hard every week during physical therapy. Demetrius, most importantly, is happy with life. He always has a smile on his face. Demetrius is a boy who likes anything he can hear, but he has a magical ability to touch our hearts.


Demetrius needed a Rifton therapy tricycle to improve his overall leg strength. He has been eager to ride the trike outdoors, after riding one in therapy indoors for the last several months. He received his new trike thanks to the generosity of the Foundation of Caring!