Meet Eleanor!



Meet four-year-old Eleanor. She was diagnosed with multiple illnesses, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She is unable to walk and uses a stroller for mobility. Eleanor requires help with daily living skills. This sweet girl is very cheerful despite these and other trials. 


Eleanor has numerous interests. Her favorite show is Veggie Tales. She listens to classical music and the sounds of nature. Eleanor enjoys taking strolls in parks and hearing barking dogs and chirping birds. She has collections of sensory toys that light up or make noise, but her favorites are Slime and play-Doh. Eleanor has more interests, but she is best known to be a beautiful child. She has a magical spirit. She is continuously joyful, despite her hardships. She has the most radiant face. Tell Eleanor that she is an angel, and the girl will smile as if the doors of Heaven just opened up and filled her with pure joy. Eleanor’s mom gave her an apt nickname. She is our Earth Angel. 


Eleanor needs a manual wheelchair to provide her with postural support and better independent mobility. Please be her sponsor!