Meet Eliana!



Meet two-year-old Eliana. She was diagnosed with epilepsy, low muscle tone, Hip Dysplasia, and many other challenges that make her life difficult. She is unable to walk. Eliana scoots on the floor to be independent, but she gets bruised easily and has to be careful. She also has violent seizures that can occur at any moment. She has endured two brain surgeries and suffers through spinal taps each month. Eliana is a remarkable girl despite her daily struggles.


Eliana can be described in many ways, but her mom says it all. “Eliana has such an abundance of love for her family that even in the middle of a seizure she gives a smile as if to say, “It’s okay mom, just hang in there with me. We will get through this.” Eliana will blow Raspberries after being intubated just to show that she is still there. Even the doctors are surprised at just how well Eliana is doing because she does not let anything get in her way. She is the strongest little person that I know. Eliana has beaten so many odds that she is an inspiration to everyone she knows.”


Eliana needed a pacer gait trainer to help her stand by promoting better leg strength, balance, and stamina. With the help of grants through M Anderson and Amaturo we were able to help Eliana obtain her Gait trainer!