Meet Elijah!



Meet 10-year-old Elijah. He was diagnosed before birth with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome, which affects multiple aspects of the body. He suffers through frightening seizures. He cannot walk or stand and has used a wheelchair since age five. Elijah has other trials but remains a cheerful boy.


Elijah has fun in numerous ways. He listens to music from animated films. His favorite movie is the hit film Sing. He likes swimming in lakes and pools. Elijah’s number one passion, however, is sports. He watches baseball, basketball, and football. His favorite teams include the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Braves. He enjoys attending sporting events and eating at sports bars. Most of all, Elijah has a sweet personality. He is a social butterfly who cannot get enough attention. He really craves cuddles and hugs! Elijah cares about other people, too. Meet Elijah. He knows how to hit a homerun with our hearts.


Elijah needs a manual wheelchair to provide him with proper support, comfort, and mobility. He outgrew his current chair. Please be his sponsor!