Meet Ella!


Meet one-year-old Ella.  This sweet girl endures many diagnoses, including spina bifida and Hydrocephalus. Ella has mobility limitations due to her illnesses. She is not able to stand without assistance. She is currently learning to use a wheelchair. Ella has more trials, but she remains happy through it all.


Ella has an array of interests. She likes the show Mrs. Rachel and its fun music. She enjoys books with textures. Ella has fun watching her brother play with remote-control cars. She relaxes by going to the pool, beach, or zoo. Her favorite pastime, however, is being with her mom. They are inseparable best friends. Ella can be described as having blue eyes that sparkle like priceless gens and a smile that can light up a room. Her bravery has, and can, overcome mountains of maladies. She is aptly named; Ella is defined as light and beautiful.


Ella needs a Stander to improve her leg strength, balance, and stamina. Please be her sponsor!