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Bail: $5000.00


AKA – “Bella”


Crime: Being A Clean Freak

Carroll “Bella” Couri has been observed cleaning up messes all over town.  Even if they are not hers.  She has been caught harassing customers at Bern’s for dropping crumbs in the dessert room, and wiping up beer spills at Lightning games.  Heaven help the busboy who doesn’t properly wipe down a table!  She likes things tidy!  Carroll’s cleanliness has finally landed her in the slammer when she was caught polishing the badge of a young crossing guard at a school intersection!

Carroll’s has been a Realtor for almost 15 years. She is in Sales with CalAtlantic Homes. Carroll has been nominated for Woman of the Year and is a committee member for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as Easter Seals.  She studied business/communications at the University of South Florida.

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